Today I am Thankful

Today at Baker University we're wearing our running shoes as a way of honoring the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Doing our small part to advocate the path of Running Towards Peace.

This tragedy hits too close to home for us.
Our neighbors, both teachers, were there running in the marathon.

My heart hit the floor like a lead weight when I heard the news.
I can't imagine the fear their family was going through, the fear of their students!

Read more details Here and Here.

They are home.
And okay. 
Both returning to work today.
Good GOOD news!

I've got even MORE good news!

Remember our friend Molly? 
If you don't know about Molly, go read her story Here and Here.

She returned to school today!

She's only going two days a week for now.
Little by little she's getting back into the swing of things.

Photo Credit: Allison Ogden
All she's been talking about, even when she couldn't speak, was to be back with her friends.
I hope it was everything she anticipated it to be, and more.
I am so very happy for the Molly Ogden family!

So yes.
Today, I am thankful.

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