Dad's First Half Marathon

We got up nice and early Sunday morning. 
Big Daddy was running in his very first Half Marathon. 
What a beautiful morning.
The sun was shining, for a while anyway. 

Aunt Gayle ran in the race too.
She's a Rock Star!
This military guy ran while carrying 100 pounds.
I don't know why.
But we waited at the finish line to cheer for him.
He looks pretty darn good for having just done all that! 

The kids enjoyed being there cheering for their dad.

"What I learned today.. Running is hard, doesn't matter your age.. it takes physical training, a proper diet, discipline, a good support system, and a whole lot of inner strength. Runners really earned my respect today.. Congrats to all of those who call themselves runners!!"    ~Big Daddy

We're proud of you Dad.
Let go home and get ready for the next one.
err...ugh...Let's EAT!

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