re{collection} Monday ...the snowy spring eddition

My weekend captured through Instagram.

Caden turned 13 last week.
He had some friends over and they went to Sky Zone, a trampoline playing field.
They had a GREAT time. 

How to make a boy happy: Pizza - Trampolines - Cake! 
Easy Peasy.
In addition to cinnamon rolls, I made some yogurt parfaits for breakfast.
Didn't know if the boys would really eat them, but wanted them to have something a little more healthy.
They've had A Lot of sugar in the last 24 hours!

Survey says: 
2 - Yes and 2 - No.
My breakfast.
Just as I got the last boy home, it started to snow.
A lot.
Neither myself nor my kids are fond of cold.
Or snow.
So on days like today, we clean.
Hey, it needed it and it doesn't take long, then the rest of the day is down time.
Sissy's room is clean!
I can actually see the floor.
How long do you think it will stay this way?
The view as I cleaned the kitchen.
The view as I vacuumed the stairs.
...and the view as I got another cup of coffee.
About 7:00 the sky started to clear and the sun tried to come out.
Not for long though.
You know when your husband is the handy man and your house is always the last to get any attention?
That's how it is at my house when it snows.
Big Daddy comes home and clears the snow when he's done with everyone else.
Maisy and Mitsy are so excited to see him!
He's been out all night pushing snow,
and Maisy has missed him.
She loves her daddy and her cuddle time.

It's Monday and I'm a working gal ya know.
Gotta get this work week started.
I'm off.
Enjoy your day!



Dear Caden,
Today is the day you're officially a teen.
A Teen!
Ohmygosh!  Where did the time go?
There are many things I love about you.
If someone asked me to describe you in just one word,
I don't think I could do it.
You are...
 Delightful and Kind.
 Funny and Campy.
Smart and Clever.
Caring and Giving.
Amusing and Entertaining.
 Creative and Imaginative.
you are Priceless!
You make me laugh, you make me happy,
and most of all you make me proud.
Happy 13th Birthday Cadenbear,
I love you to "Infinity & Beyond!"
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