Surf's Up & Frozen

The Day the Music Died.

Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper.

These three Rock singers died in a plane crash on February 3, 1959 at the height of their career.
Every generation has their music idols.
These three were among the greatest, of the 1950's generation.

In my opinion, of all time.

Every February 2, since the 1979 twentieth anniversary of the original "Winter Dance Party", the Surf Ballroom hosts a "Winter Dance Party" tribute.  Everyone dresses in 50's attire and dances the night away. 

It's like going back in time.

People of all ages come out to celebrate.

My mom and dad had stacks of 45's they used to listen to.  I grew up listening to this music, and I absolutely love it! 

When my mom and dad were growing up they used to go to Teen Town and dance...all.  the.  time.
I would have loved to grow up in a time where things were simple and pure fun.

Look below, there's Gary Busey, he played Buddy Holly in the movie "The Buddy Holly Story".  That guy with the yellow scarf, that's Ritchie Valens brother Bob.  Gunnar Nelson, the son of Ricky Nelson was there with his brother Mathew.  There's the Buddy Holly guy, the Jerry Lee Lewis guy, and Marvelous Marvin who plays the sax like NObody else. 
There's no way you can sit sill.  NO Way!

I love the music.
I love the dancing.
I love the fun.
I love dressing up.
I love seeing my friends.
I love the history.
And I love listening to the stories.

Clear Lake is thee most charming town.

"I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

It is SO cold!

Ohmygosh it's cold!

I'll bet this lake is beautiful, when it's not frozen!

The shopping is Great!
Fun places and friendly people.

I look forward to going back.
Better get started on my outfit for next year!

Hand Jive
Peggy Sue
Poodle Skirts
Bobby Socks
Hot Rods & Rockabilly


"Not Fade Away."

"Sorry I can't stick around Slick, I gotta "split."

...that's 50's talk for "I'm outta here."

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