You've come a long way baby!

"Don't look at how far you have to go,
look at how far you've already come!"

Joyce Meyer posted this on facebook this morning, and I thought it was perfect.
A perfect representation of my photograph, and a perfect quote to start the new year.
Give yourself credit for your accomplishments and efforts, you deserve it!
I think so many of us fall into the comparison trap, whether we compare ourselves to others or to the ideal person we've built up in our minds.

“Give yourself the credit you deserve to build confidence and continue to squash doubt. It’s time to stop minimizing your accomplishments, telling yourself that anyone could have done it or that it was no big deal. When you look at what you do, don’t make comparisons with your ideal or what you think is best; don’t compare yourself with what you think other people can do. It is important to give yourself credit for the effort and not the outcome…Giving yourself credit means recognizing your effort as well as your accomplishments.”
Book Source:  Think Confident, Be Confident

Try this:
Write down 5 things you can give yourself credit for each day.
Have your kids join in too and talk about every one's accomplishments over dinner.

What's one thing you can give yourself credit for today?


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