Winter Formal

Over the weekend, Sissy got all dressed up in her formal dress, styled her hair, and even put on some make-up. This is an extraordinary thing for her, as she's not really "into" that sort of thing.  After all, it's the Winter Formal.  

Her boyfriend came to pick her up, tie in hand.  It was cute.

If only you could have seen his reaction when she walked out to greet him...
it made me smile.
He looked at her, and then he looked at her again and said, "Whoa!"
Now, ladies, when you can make a guy stop everything he's doing and say Whoa!
That's when you know you look Gooood!

NO one makes it out of MY house without having some pictures taken.
Awwww!  Sweet.

Hey, check out the dancin' shoes!

Once we were done taking pictures:
Sis went into the kitchen, draped a napkin over the front of her,
and started tearing into some barbecued ribs.

THAT's my girl!

We bent the rules for one night and let Boyfriend drive her to the dance.
Besides, the school isn't even a quarter of a mile away from the house.

From what I understand, they had a pretty great time.


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