Thursday Thoughts {all heart}

"It's the thought that counts" ... right!?  However, it's only true when you actually {act} on that thought.

Our friend Molly has made her way to the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Nebraska.   This is absolutely THRILLING news!

Yes, she's really in there.

 She is doing well... she took a shower for the first time, ate a vanilla wafer, and she laughed.
(I'm sure that laugh had to be the very best sound to her parents)
All wonderful signs of anticipated improvement.
You can read her dad's most recent post here

This got me thinking... the hospital is now their home.
For how long?  Nobody knows.
What can we do to make it more home-like for all of them?

I should send them a card.  I could make them some cinnamon rolls. 
I ought to take them something.
That's me sometimes, ok a-lot-a-times, Mrs. Shoulda Coulda Woulda who waits until it's too late.
It's never too late by the way.

So I Googled, asked friends and co-workers.
I asked my kids.
I even asked some nurse friends of mine.
"What are some good gift ideas to make the hospital more comfy?"

Here's what I came up with:

A Lap Desk with a squishy bottom if comfortable and fun to use in a hospital bed.
Image by: Google

A Pocket Activity Book goes well with the lap desk.

Pretty hair bands or clips may help counteract the drabness of that hospital gown.

Fuzzy Slippers or Socks with Non-Skid Bottoms.  Hospital floors are cold, hard, and gross!

Image by: Google

A fun blanket or snuggie makes the room feel less sterile.

Image by: Google

A journal, notebook, and bright colored pens are great for writing. 

Lip balm and lotion.  The tubes, medications, and dietary meals can cause dryness.  

Stuffed animals for physical comfort and emotional comfort.  (these items must be new, not used: hospital rules)

KU Basketball Coach, Bill Self is a Molly Fan!  

Alrighty then ~ Let's Do This!
I'm thinking
 Hospital Hospitality Box 

Yeah, that's what I'll do.
You in?

I think I've pretty much got ideas for Molly covered.
But what would give her folks some much needed comfort?
If you have any ideas, or you'd like to participate,
even if it's just a card letting them know you care...

Molly's brother Graham riding his sister's horse in the Christmas Parade, with friends Wendy & Caleb.

Side Note:  This post is mostly me, putting my thoughts together.  However, as I've said, the Ogden Family needs us.  We've just been through the season of being Thankful, now is the season of giving. Even if you don't give to their family, like Molly's dad said, there are other kids in the hospital that need us as well.  Only you can make that thought really count.


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