My Teen Baby Mama

Yeah, I'll bet that title caught your attention, hugh!

No, I'm NOT a grandma, and I don't plan on being one for a loooong time.

Sissy’s high school class was given a two-day project: Raise a fake infant to simulate what it would be like to raise a baby; mostly to discourage kids from having real babies. Each student was given a  RealCare baby of their own, which contains multiple sensors to detect any abuses. It cries and you have to figure out what it needs; diaper change, feeding, burping, rocking, etc. The students were graded based on the amount of abuses the baby detects. The neck of the baby is extremely delicate.

Sis took full responsibility for her baby.  The first day went perfect, that evening was a different story. The responsibilities got to be overwhelming. But, she pulled herself together and did a great job. Sick of the crying, exhausted from tending to the baby’s’ needs around the clock, and frustrated from not knowing exactly what to do.  Remember that baby manual we wish we all had?

I’m sure she was more than happy to turn in her baby. Sis received a 90% on the project.  Evidently she broke the kids neck once or twice.  *lol!*  I've wanted to break my kids neck once or twice, know the feeling?

I personally think she deserved a 100%, as she gave it her all and did a fantastic job! All except for the broken neck, Mom gives you an A+!  

This picture cracks me up!

"For two days I had to take care of a RealCare Baby (it is a doll). It is almost lifelike and it cries and makes feeding noises like a real baby would. It cries when it is hungry, when it needs a diaper change, and when it needs to be burped. This project taught me what it is like to have a real baby and i realized how difficult it is and how to take care of a baby. The baby can start crying at anytime and it will cry if its head goes back (that is to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome). I had it for two whole days and at woke up many times in the middle of the night. It cried at 3:00am until 4:00. It also cried from 6:00 until 6:30. This project taught me how difficult it is to take care of a child and how much responsibility it takes. I received 90% on this assignment therefore i am awesome at taking care of a real baby. It was a great and educational experience for me. I don’t want to do it again but i recommend others to try it."

I think this was an eye opening experience for her.  I find it an effective way to reach today's youth.  There are no childcare questions on the SAT or ACT's, but the the kids learn from these babies might be some of the most important information of their lives.  At some point, most will care for a child.

Until the day babies can care for themselves, the need for appropriate childcare will always remain. 

Allrighty then... I've got my own kids to take care of.  I outta here!
Enjoy your week!


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