The Best Weekend, like ever!

Have you ever wanted something really badly and you ended up getting it?

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I got the email saying my name had been chosen for Whatever Craft Weekend.  How cool is that!  To say I was excited is a huge understatement.

You see, I've been a fan of Meg Duerksen for quite a while now.  I've had my name on the craft weekend list for what seems like an eternity.  Anyway,  I don't know what I was more excited about, actually going to craft weekend or meeting Meg!  

The day had finally arrived and I was on my way.

Just outside of town, I realized I had been a little eager and I was early.  We were told not to arrive early, so I stopped for a restroom break and a coke.  While there....I dropped my car keys in the toilet!  *ugh!*
  Wouldn't ya know it!? 
After getting things cleaned up and my car started I hit the road again.  Only now instead of being the first eager beaver, I was the last.  Well, maybe not the last, but it wasn't early that's for sure.
The house.
Oh.  My.  Gosh.
Crazy Beautiful.

Full of Inspiration.
I was giddy.... let me tell ya! 
I was greeted by Meg herself.
I about fell over.  I mean it.
the words wouldn't come out of my mouth!
She smiled in such a way,
I knew she was flattered yet composedly demure.
(Ya, I googled that word.)
All while making me feel right at home.
I took my overstuffed bags to my room
at the top of these most gorgeous stairs.
I think I tripped three times looking at everything.
I think there were 5 bedrooms.
16 beds.
Each decorated in traditional Meg style.
Every room is a kiss of happy.
There's no way you could be in a bad mood in this house.
I mean really...
This was my bed for the weekend.
Cute & Comfy.
The first night my roommate's and I were up till 2:30 am talking, laughing,
and getting to know one another.
I haven't done that in forever!
I have so SO much more to tell ya.
This is only the beginning so stay tuned.
We'll talk about the girls, the barn, donuts, shopping, food, photography, Sonic....
(a lotta food, hugh!)
Oh yeah, and crafts too!
I, Jill Franklin, made that notorious apron!  For real!
{Yes mom, I used a sewing machine!}

On the edge of your seat?



  1. Anonymous15/11/12

    Love, love, love this post! And I loved meeting you, and getting to be roommates with you and Joanna! :) Can't wait for the rest of your posts! Hugs!

    1. Thanks Ali, I'm so glad I got to be your roommate. I had such a great time. I felt like a kid at summer camp! ...and by the way, you have a B-E-A-UUUtiful family!
      Talk to ya soon Craft Chick!

  2. Girl...your pics are amazing! What a weekend huh?!! Still feels like a dream...

  3. What a great weekend it was, Jill!!! So glad you could make it!!!

  4. Your pics are gorgeous! Loving your blog too, makes me want some help designing mine! Can't wait to read more!

  5. so much fun jill!!
    i can't believe the keys in the toilet....that was so funny!
    loved having you at the craft house.
    loved talking with you!
    it was such a great weekend!


It's always nice to hear from you!

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