Shopping, and Eating, and Crafting! Oh My!

I'm coming to you today with a hat on. 
It's windy... again, and I over slept.
It's been *that* kinda day.

Hey did I tell you I went to Whatever Craft Weekend? 
And I'm so glad I did!
My original plan was to walk you through the experience step by step.
And then I realized that would be the most lame blog post known to mankind.
So instead I tried to pick the best of the nearly 300 pictures I took. 

On Saturday we did what every girl was born to do...go shopping!
We piled into the van and headed to the antique stores and salvage barn.
On the way we found some fantastic old houses, barns, cows and windmills.   
The antique store had something for everyone.
Dishes, globes, picture frames, quilts and more.
The Barn had Evvveeerrryyyttthhhiiinnnggg!
There were railroad tracks behind the barn.
Perfectly parallel.
Where do they go?
How long have they been there?
What stories could these tracks tell us?

Craft Weekend food.
We Eeeeee... are never ever ever getting back together.

{I'm just pulling your apron strings}

The food.
oH Mygosh,
Was.  The.  BOMB!
Kimberlee Jost made us the most yummy food.
She needs to write a cookbook cuz she ROCKS the kitchen I tell ya. 
These pics belong to Familybringsjoy.com as I didn't take any pics of the food...I ATE it!
I am now officially on a diet.
Not a good tome of year for a diet.

Yes, we actually did some crafting.
It was fun and it felt good to actually finish something I had started.
I believe there were 6 projects.
The famous apron.
Yes, I made one.
Yes, I used a sewing machine.
A recycled sweater bracelet.

A cute bubble neclace.

A super cute flower pin.
A needle point frame art thingy.
It's super cute too!

And we decorated JOY letters.

So here I sit, at the corner of
Happy & Gratified.
Meg has a great post about the weekend.
Go meet her and see more in detail{Here}
Put your name on the list,
You know you wanna!

Next time,
"Let's talk about Craft Chicks, Man!"


  1. Those are some crazy-good photos girl! Nice work! It was fun meeting you!

  2. You captured so many great moments, Jill. I love your wrap-up. I really enjoyed meeting you.
    Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.....seeing His blessing in all.


It's always nice to hear from you!

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