Let's talk about Chicks, Man!

I'm talkin Craft Chicks!

Do you remember going to summer camp as a kid?

My roomies, Joanna & Ali.

As it Whatever Craft Weekend approached, the excitement and anticipation took over my every thought. Let's just say I began packing weeks, maybe even a month in advance. To say I was pumped up would clearly have been an understatement. I could hardly wait to get there and be surrounded by all my new friends.
Sweet Angela
Like summer camp, it's all about getting away and meeting with, or making new friends. And it's one of the best times of your life. You would do so many cool things together and build bonds that you felt as though it could last forever. Often at the end of the week, you would be upset that you had to leave, promise to write one another, stay in touch, and meet up again.
Paige & April
Then you never talked again.

My new friend Shannon
Not anymore!
Now we have all kinds of gadgets and social media.
And Blog Buddies too...
Megan and Myself ~ I borrowed this pic from Becky because I didn't have one of us and because I like it! 
Thanks Becky for making me look good!

This is Becky, I've been a follower/stalker of her blog for about a year or two.
I was so very excited to meet her.  She was exactly how I pictured.

Think of Whatever Craft Weekend as summer camp for grownups.
We've all been dropped off at a weekend long camp with fantastic cabins and great food.  Each night we gather at a loooooooong table over a yummy meal.  And as the Kansas wind blows outside Meg puts on some sweet sounding tunes and we talk and make stuff.

(blurry...boo!  insert sad face.)
THIS lovely craft chick is Kimberlee.
SUCH a gem!  SUCH a happy girl.  SUCH a cook.
Drum Roll Please!
THIS is Meg.
I'm so very excited to have met her.  Sweet, hospitable, creative.  The whole shebang!

It's Craft Weekend time, after all!
Be crafty, be campy, be serious, be YOU. 
Some of my fondest memories of my youth are from time spent at camp.
I guess I'm still a kid at heart, cuz I still get excited for going to camp, being at camp,
and for the friends I've made at camp.
This photo property of Meg.

When ever I pass by a Sonic, Donut Shop, or an Antique store, 
Or when ever the torrential Kansas wind blows... I will think of you,
my craft chicks.
 Love Ya, Man!

Read Meg post {Here!} 
And for Pete's Sake - get your name on that list!

That's all folks.  It's a wrap.
My bags are unpacked, put away the crafts, and returned to every life.
That is all.
The End

**I don't know WHY my pictures look so bad in this post, it's annoying!**

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  1. Just catching up on a little blog reading - such a cute post! I'm very happy that I was one of your 'camp' buddies. I look forward to keeping in touch via your blog and Instagram!


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