This is how we do it!

Since returning to work after the "never ending Thanksgiving", I've been swamped!
Hence, the lazy man's blog post.
Here are some more photos from Thanksgiving with my family.

We had great fun and food with family.

My brother.
I've named him The Meat Master, he's a great cooker of meat. Any kind!
He usually smokes a turkey, my fav!
This year he deep fried a regular turkey, and a Cajun turkey.
My initial thought was, "Cajun turkey? Gross."

It. Was. FAB-U-lous!

The weather was wonderful for visiting old friends and neighbors too.

Now it's time to start planning Christmas!



I'm Full

Grateful, Joyful & Thankful.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving!

We did!  It was full of yummy food, friends, and family.

I’m thankful for each and every one of you that stops by reads my nonsense, tries my food, and shares the love. You guys really make this a cool place to be.



Let's talk about Chicks, Man!

I'm talkin Craft Chicks!

Do you remember going to summer camp as a kid?

My roomies, Joanna & Ali.

As it Whatever Craft Weekend approached, the excitement and anticipation took over my every thought. Let's just say I began packing weeks, maybe even a month in advance. To say I was pumped up would clearly have been an understatement. I could hardly wait to get there and be surrounded by all my new friends.
Sweet Angela
Like summer camp, it's all about getting away and meeting with, or making new friends. And it's one of the best times of your life. You would do so many cool things together and build bonds that you felt as though it could last forever. Often at the end of the week, you would be upset that you had to leave, promise to write one another, stay in touch, and meet up again.
Paige & April
Then you never talked again.

My new friend Shannon
Not anymore!
Now we have all kinds of gadgets and social media.
And Blog Buddies too...
Megan and Myself ~ I borrowed this pic from Becky because I didn't have one of us and because I like it! 
Thanks Becky for making me look good!

This is Becky, I've been a follower/stalker of her blog for about a year or two.
I was so very excited to meet her.  She was exactly how I pictured.

Think of Whatever Craft Weekend as summer camp for grownups.
We've all been dropped off at a weekend long camp with fantastic cabins and great food.  Each night we gather at a loooooooong table over a yummy meal.  And as the Kansas wind blows outside Meg puts on some sweet sounding tunes and we talk and make stuff.

(blurry...boo!  insert sad face.)
THIS lovely craft chick is Kimberlee.
SUCH a gem!  SUCH a happy girl.  SUCH a cook.
Drum Roll Please!
THIS is Meg.
I'm so very excited to have met her.  Sweet, hospitable, creative.  The whole shebang!

It's Craft Weekend time, after all!
Be crafty, be campy, be serious, be YOU. 
Some of my fondest memories of my youth are from time spent at camp.
I guess I'm still a kid at heart, cuz I still get excited for going to camp, being at camp,
and for the friends I've made at camp.
This photo property of Meg.

When ever I pass by a Sonic, Donut Shop, or an Antique store, 
Or when ever the torrential Kansas wind blows... I will think of you,
my craft chicks.
 Love Ya, Man!

Read Meg post {Here!} 
And for Pete's Sake - get your name on that list!

That's all folks.  It's a wrap.
My bags are unpacked, put away the crafts, and returned to every life.
That is all.
The End

**I don't know WHY my pictures look so bad in this post, it's annoying!**


Shopping, and Eating, and Crafting! Oh My!

I'm coming to you today with a hat on. 
It's windy... again, and I over slept.
It's been *that* kinda day.

Hey did I tell you I went to Whatever Craft Weekend? 
And I'm so glad I did!
My original plan was to walk you through the experience step by step.
And then I realized that would be the most lame blog post known to mankind.
So instead I tried to pick the best of the nearly 300 pictures I took. 

On Saturday we did what every girl was born to do...go shopping!
We piled into the van and headed to the antique stores and salvage barn.
On the way we found some fantastic old houses, barns, cows and windmills.   
The antique store had something for everyone.
Dishes, globes, picture frames, quilts and more.
The Barn had Evvveeerrryyyttthhhiiinnnggg!
There were railroad tracks behind the barn.
Perfectly parallel.
Where do they go?
How long have they been there?
What stories could these tracks tell us?

Craft Weekend food.
We Eeeeee... are never ever ever getting back together.

{I'm just pulling your apron strings}

The food.
oH Mygosh,
Was.  The.  BOMB!
Kimberlee Jost made us the most yummy food.
She needs to write a cookbook cuz she ROCKS the kitchen I tell ya. 
These pics belong to Familybringsjoy.com as I didn't take any pics of the food...I ATE it!
I am now officially on a diet.
Not a good tome of year for a diet.

Yes, we actually did some crafting.
It was fun and it felt good to actually finish something I had started.
I believe there were 6 projects.
The famous apron.
Yes, I made one.
Yes, I used a sewing machine.
A recycled sweater bracelet.

A cute bubble neclace.

A super cute flower pin.
A needle point frame art thingy.
It's super cute too!

And we decorated JOY letters.

So here I sit, at the corner of
Happy & Gratified.
Meg has a great post about the weekend.
Go meet her and see more in detail{Here}
Put your name on the list,
You know you wanna!

Next time,
"Let's talk about Craft Chicks, Man!"



I had a Great week!  I'm sure you know that by now. 
I may have mentioned it a couple, or a thousand times. 

Instead of posting my InstaGrammy's one by one...I'm doing it all at once.  
Creative?  No, just lazy. 

Everyone seems to be posting what they're thankful for.  I'm thankful for the entire week I've had!  I met new friends, made stuff, went on a trip, ate fantastic food, shopped, spent time with my family, enjoyed the wonderful fall weather...there's probably even more stuff I'm not thinking of at the moment, I'm sure.

But I do know this:  I Am Thankful For Each & Every Moment of It!  Without a doubt.

Another something I'm thankful for:

(mine came from Quick Shop - not quite as delish as a bakery,
but you gotta do whatcha gotta do...right!?)

It's been a long time since I've allowed myself to partake in the goodness of this sweet sweet sugar land.Thank you Meg for opening my eyes to the deliciousness that I had forgotten.

Have a most fabulous weekend!

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