Yours, Mine, Ours!

Halloween candy that is!

The day has arrived.  You know what that means.  We'll be raiding our kids Halloween bag when they're not looking, or stealing a few treats that we bought to hand out to the kids.

How much candy do you allow your family to consume on Halloween night? 

We don't really have a set rule, when I feel I can't stand to watch them put one more sugar bomb in their mouths, I cut them off.

Then we collect all the candy and put it in one big bowl.  I put a couple pieces in their lunch for a treat at school.  The kids dabble in it when they get home from school.  And I'm sure they sneak a piece or two, or three or four, here and there when mom's not looking.  Okay, okay....I do it too.

After a few days, it mysteriously disappears.  (I take it to work and let my co-workers chow down on the "fun size" calorie monsters.)  

Did you see this years Halloween episode of The Middle?

I about died when Brick ate all his candy in one night!

You may or may not want to know the stats about calories, because I know the rule, what you don't know doesn't count, when it comes to calories.  However, I've been trying to eat more healthy and keep those pesky extra calories down to a minimum, so it's better for me to know how much I'm consuming when I dig into the bag o' treats.  Otherwise I'll need a good trick or two to get my jeans on!

Are you ready for the scaaarrriest part of Halloween?

12 of the Highest Calorie Halloween Candy:
Snicker's Creme Pumpkin: 150 calories
Butterfinger Fun Size: 100 calories
Whoppers Mini Pouch: 100 calories
Milky Way Fun Size: 90 calories
Almond Joy Fun Size: 90 calories
Hershey's Fun Size: 90 calories
M&M's Fun Size: 90 calories
Baby Ruth Fun Size (my fav!): 85 calories
Mounds Fun Size:  83 calories
Twix Fun Size: 80 calories
Snicker's Fun Size (also a fav of mine!): 80 calories
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (One Cup, but who can eat just one?  I mean really.): 80 calories

Have I taken the fun out of Halloween candy?  Sorry. 

Halloween candy, as Bobby Boucher's mama would say, "is the Devil!" 
But ooooh sooo gooood!

Happy Halloween~Ween!


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