Stay Focused


Yes, that's the word I'm using to define myself today.

This post is more for my own benefit than anyone elses. 
You could say it's a "Dear Me" letter, kinda giving myself a swift kick in the hiney & shouting,
"Come On Man!  Focus!"

Sometimes I have to remind myself of what really matters.

It's easy to get caught up in the petty "stuff" of life.

It could be that I'm so focused on my to-do list, my agenda, or my schedule that I lose sight of what's most important. When I get interruptions or distractions, I get a little bit crabby.

Sometimes this means not taking the time to really listen. Or it could be that I blurt out a sharp answer, just so I can get on to the next thing.

One of my famous (and least liked) lines is, "I'm busy." Thankfully I don’t say it as much anymore. I’ve come a long way in not using those two words any more. But sometimes I slip.

Here’s what I believe people hear when we say, "I'm busy." They hear, "I don't have time for you right now." "You are bothering me." "I have more important things to do."

How would those words make you feel? You may be saying it without even realizing it.

When I get caught up in "doing," I have to stop and think. Is my to-do list, my agenda, or my schedule the most important part of my day? Or is it connecting with my family? What REALLY matters to me?

I can say it's my family, but if I don't show it through purposeful actions, then my words are absolutely meaningless. And I may have good intentions but sadly, those don't cut it… at all.

It’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. But then something reminds me of what's important and I have to take a step back.

I have to evaluate where my focus has been vs. where it needs to be.

Time to make some adjustments!

What really matters? Building relationships with the people you love most... Not checking the next thing off on your to-do list or sticking to the schedule.


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