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Sissy's very first concert was Justin Bieber a couple years ago.  It was her 13th birthday gift.  It was a great first concert experience.  Safe, clean, fun... a family friendly crowd of mostly moms and daughters, but "cool!" 
This time she got to go without me.  *eeeeeps!*

Was she scared?  Nooowah!
Was I nervous?  Heck yeah!
I got names, phone numbers,
everything but blood types of the friends she was going with.
I trust her.
I don't know if it's too soon to let her have a little bit of independence for one night,
but I did.
It's all good.  *whew!*

When sis got home she came directly into my room,
without any hesitation she flipped on the light,
"the show was AMAZING!"  
Then she proceeded to walk me through
the THREE HUNDRED pictures she took.

The boy truly is talented.  His show is energetic and fun. 
Not only can he sing, he can play the piano and guitar too. 

I admit, when I saw him for the first time, I danced, chanted,
and jumped up and down just as much as the kids.  It was hard NOT too.

I admire him, and Taylor Swift too for that matter.   
Not only for actually being accountable... but for leading by example to all generations. 
The two seem to handle their public transition into a more grown-up lifestyle with grace.

I love the above picture.  The only thing missing is the screaming!

Sis took a picture from the last time he was here and put it next to one now.
All pictures in this blog post were taken my daughter by the way. 

He's grown up quite a bit.
So has she.

The concert was very high-tech, a multi media stage with lights, fireworks and confetti.  Justin flew threw the air with wings, rode through the air singing and playing the guitar on a mechanical crane thingy, and was raised up on a this platform.

Other performers included Cody Simpson,
a 15 year old Australian 
and Carly Rae Jespen,
I'm sure they were just as entertaining as the Beebs. 

What will "I" remember about the concert?
The glowing smile on my daughter's most happy face.


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  1. Jill! Totally loving your blog! Honestly I think I would have loved going to that concert. I like his new album. I have 2 girls so I have to keep up with the music. Well, no I don't have to, but I like to. I also like Cody & Carly Rae. You got some good shots! I especially like your last couple of sentences...priceless! I think there is a strong bond that is formed when you share music with your kids.

    BTW, this is Shan from Family Brings Joy. I'm attending the Whatever Craft Weekend the same weekend as you. Happy to get to know you better and look forward to meeting you in person. We are going to have a blast! TTFN!


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