This week kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness month. 
The students at Baker University are going all out to keep Hope in all of us.

My mornings started this week with Mumford & Sons and a quick bite to eat.  Not the most healthy, but it could be worst...right?

Color Run, here I come!

My daughter and her friends like Coke just a little too much!

This little pup just walked into our house and made herself right at home while we were unloading groceries from the car.  Luckily we found her owner.  So SO darn cute!

My son is feeding the neighbors fish while they're out of town.  Good life lesson.

Mitzy Bear needs a trip to the beauty shop....STAT!

I snapped a pic of this loyal friend while he sat, just like that, waiting for his human to come out of the grocery store.

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