thursday three {weird}

Seen anything weird lately?


Justin Biebers black leather .....mmm I don't know, pants? on Dancing With The Stars Results show last night.  It reminded me of Mean Girls, when Regina George told Gretchen Weiners, "Stop trying to make fetch happen!  It's not going to happen!"

J.B. those MC Hammer Aladin pants didn't go over well in the 80's, they aren't going to happen now either.  Sorry bro.

While we're talking DWTS ...who was the first to go? 
Pamela Anderson.
No surprise there. 
I don't know which was more weird, her dancing or the way she was acting?

Carrie Ann Inaba complimented her for “living the drama” of the dance, but went on to say it was “a bit uncomfortable.”  ummm yeah,... much uncomfortable would be more like it.

Pam reminded me of Anna Nicole Smith.  Just weird.

Lastly, while using google to search books, I stumbled upon this gem:

What the???   *jill did a double take* 

THAT is messed up! ...and just weird.

oh.  Oh!  OH!
Just one more thing...

is coming to Kansas City baby!
For realz!  You can read about it {Here}.
Can we all agree this is the best news ever!?

Granted, it wont be till 2014.  By then something new will come along. 
Oh well. 
Still good news!

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