Thursday Three {ecstatic}

It's official.

I'm doing it.

I'm officially signed up for the Color Run.

I. Can. Not. Wait!  I am so SO Excited!  ....errr ugh Ecstatic!

Another reason I'm so SO excited is because....

are ya ready for it?

I am finally going to Whatever Craft Weekend!

Yes!  I'm doin' the happy dance!

aaaand I can't wait to make me one of these!

Number 3.

This Friday will be my baby girls very first Homecoming. 
Game & Dance. 
She'll be cheering at the game and then going to the dance. 
*hmph!*  I have a child going to Homecoming.  Wow!
Me = {happy/sad/happy/sad}

She's growing up 2 - 2 fast for Me.

I will definitely be posting pics!

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