Goin' to ....Kansas City

Kansas City here we come.

It was a B-E-A-UUUtiful drive.

We've been sitting in the house waiting for this heat to break.
I don't think it's going to, and school will start soon.
So we took off for the city, heat or no heat, we wanted to see the sights.

The Liberty Memorial Monument....
  a memorable, celebrated, historic, meaningful, and well-known feature of the Kansas City Skyline, and we’ve driven past it a million times. 

I grew up in the Kansas City area, lived here most of my life. It makes me sad to admit, until recently, I’ve not taken my kids to see it.

Until today.

“In honor of those who served in the world war
in defense of liberty and our country.”
– the inscription on the Liberty Memorial tower

Well today's the day.
Hot or Not.
Sweat or No Sweat!
...and yes I had sweat in places.
Places I really don't want it!
I wonder what they're thinking.
I hope they are thinking about something they learned today.....

"We are blessed to be the heirs of freedom."
Looking from the monument, is the historic Western Auto building.
Now loft apartments.
Thankfully, the building's owner and management have pledged to keep the Western Auto sign illuminated on the Kansas City skyline, where it has been for over eighty years.

The museum is the only one in the U.S. solely dedicated to World War One.
If you are in Kansas City, be sure to visit!
You'll be glad you did!

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