Woops, my brains stepped out for a minute

So THAT's how it's gonna be today, hugh!?!

Hmmmm...where'd I put my glasses?
I searched Everywhere for those suckers! 

Was eating my granola bar in the car this morning.
Little did I know, 
a chocolate chip fell in the seat.
Didn't know it till I got out of the car.
I've been walking around with Poopy Pants all day!

Her:  "I like Tony Stark the best."
Me:  "What tiny shark?"

Him:  "I think it's raining."
Me:  "The phone's not ringing!"


I.  Can't.  Hear.

The good news:

Sis went to take her driving test this morning.

She did it!
Sis got her Learners Permit
LOOK OUT ....she's behind the wheel folks!

The first thing she asked was,
"So when do I get a new car?"
What!?! Whoa!  Slow down there Speed Racer!

So what did we learn today?

I hate to be an Oprah quoter,
but what was it she used to say All. The. Time?

Oh yeah.

"When you know better you do better."

And there ya go!

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