And so it begins

This was the week of firsts.

The kids had their first day of school. 
I had my first day back at work.
We got our first allergy meds of the season.

BU had their first day of classes.
Beautiful campus.

Beautiful day.
Let's Instagram it, shall we?!

                                                                                                and ...
the first football games of the season.

Baldwin High School Bulldogs

                                                                                 Baker University Wildcats

Oh yeah, and we had our first rain in what seems like the entire summer!
Well, we actually got some sprinkles with a tease of rain.

It mostly rained around us.
It was done.
It's been quite a week.
Fall is here, and we're excited!
Cooler weather, back to our regular schedule and routine, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
Yeah, it's gonna be good. 

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