Simpler times....

My mom will be going to her 50th high school reunion this summer.  So we took the camera and the kids to see the old school.  We walked with her and listened to stories of a fun era.
These are the old stairs behind the school.
Evidently kids used to skip class and sneak down the long stairway to the grocery store 
and buy a Coke.
Remember...they didn't have pop machines back then.
Life was simpler then; there were no computers, cell phones, or text messages.
They communicated the old fashioned way - by talking on the telephone or in person.
Rosedale High School Auditorium

School was also simpler; they stuck to the basics, but also had extra curricular activities
like Beta Club, Science Club, Football, etc.
For recreation they went to movies, skating rinks, bowling, sports, and dancing.  They watched television in the evenings together, instead of everyone having their own TV in their bedroom and watching by themselves.
There wasn't as much violence on television either.
There weren't as many working moms, so there were more mothers at home
when children got home from school.
Takeout dinners were the exception, not the norm, and families ate dinner together.
There was no rap music, but the 1960's was when rock music became the rage,
which many parents disapproved of.
The crime rate was low, so kids were allowed to stay out long after dark.
It was not uncommon for kids to walk several blocks after dark to a friend's house
because it was safer then.
It was even necessary at times, because there were relatively few teens who had their own cars then.
My mom said they knew everyone on the block!

Remember these old things?
It was a good time to grow up, and I'm glad my kids got a taste of what life was like in those days.

The year was 1962.
The population of the United States is 185,771,000.
Unemployment is 6.7%.
Life Expectancy is 70.1 years.
Family median income = $6,000.
Academy Award:  West Side Story.
Johnny Carson takes over as host of NBC's Tonight Show.
Dr. No, the first James Bond film, premiers.
Popular dances were of course the twist, the mashed potato, the jerk, the swim, the monkey and the Watusi.
Television debuts include:  The Jetsons & The Beverly Hillbillies.
Marilyn Monroe apparently committed suicide leading to conspiracy theories centered around her involvement with the Kennedys.
...and my mom sat right Here in homeroom.

I hope she enjoys her reunion just as much as we enjoyed reminiscing with her.

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