What time is it?

Summer Time!

It's official.
The day is finally here.
We've been counting down ya know.
The LAST day of school!
Ya - HoooHoooo!

And now ...Random Stuff. 

I walked out my door this morning and THIS is what was staring me right in face!
Hello Sun!
I couldn't have sat my coffee down any quicker to run and get my phone.
I just love the rays and the colorful bokeh effect ...it's almost like a sun flower coming right atch'ya!
Great start to my day!

Every year over graduation weekend BU has what they call STAG.  Alumni return to catch up with their peeps.  It's just a fancy word for "party."   
Of course my neighbors, Baker grads or not, wouldn't miss a chance to party! 
Are you kidding me!?!?
Everyone pretty much celebrates!
Yah.  We had a good time.
I'll just leave it at that .....mmmk!?

I'm lovin' this pretty chiffon maxi.
I don't usually do pastel, or floral, but I like the flow and the softness.
It's at Sheinside.com.  Ever shop there?  If not, you should definitely check it out.
I like the long thin straps and you can wear it in different ways - halter, criss-cross across the neck or  tie the straps in a bow and wear it as a strapless.
Like it too?  Find the details HERE

TTFN lovies...
I simply Must go & enjoy this beautiful day!
I think I'll go get the kids and hit up Sonic for some last day of school chillaxin'!

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