Thursday {three}

Three things about my day...today...so far.

I got tired of having to shut my blinds every time I'm in the bathroom. 
I love the natural light,
but I really don't want my neighbors watching while I do personal stuff....ya know!?! 
So I put this stuff on my windows last night. 
I got it at Home Depot for like $21 or $23.
I really like it.

Meg at whatever was asking about some trees in her yard recently.
I think I may have the same tree outside my window at work.
I'm told they're called a Catalpa Tree.

They're sooo Big.

and pretty.

I'm told the trees here on campus are over a hundred years old.

They were planted here because they bloom for only a short time.
And it's almost always in time for commencement.

I'll leave you today with a snap of my little biscuits.

They know when I'm making brother's lunch.
They like ham!

Note:  All pictures were taken with my cell phone this morning.
I was being lazy.
My bad.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Anonymous16/5/12

    I found you thru the blog Live, Love, Travel and I came upon your adorable yorkies!!! They are so cute but of course I am prejudice...I have one too. You can see him on prideinphotos.com when you get a chance. I love the variety on your blog...very nice.


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