{Flashback} Friday ~ and then some

I've had a trying week.

Sometimes being a wife and mom is emotionally exhausting.

With all the problem I've had with my computer lately, I've had to go through and remove a lot of my pictures.  While doing so, I found this:

...things don't seem so grim anymore.

I love these two so SO much!

Big Daddy went down on his MX bike.
Ended up in the ER.
I was told he broke his femur.

He did not.  But he did get hurt pretty dadly.

That's not all.
Let's face it, the Franklin's don't do simple, Simply.

While in the ER,
Carody stole her dads thunder
and passed out.

I ended up with two patients!

She looks like she got in a fight.
I told her to go to school and tell everyone that the other girl looks a lot worse!

Both are ok.
We'll make it through this one too.
The bike is for sale.
**jill = smiley face!**

My new favorite food:

These two cutie mcCuties pass by my office almost every day.

They make these bows.
Cute, hugh!?!
They make their hair do way cool stuff too!
That's my boss in the back there.

Have a Super fun weekend!

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