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Over a week ago I was sitting at my computer reading my favorite blogs, when all of a sudden a naked picture of Emma Watson...sitting on a toilet mind you...popped up.  That was it.  I knew at that very moment there was a problem.  I then got on my laptop and it did the same thing!  Dang! 

So.  I've been without my desktop AND my laptop for over a week.  At first I was so bummed.  What was I going to do without blog friends, facebook or photoshop?  Well, actually it's turned out to be a bit of a good thing.  I painted my front door and the shutters.  I cleaned out the storage room, closets and my sons room.  I tried out some new recipes, crafts and remember that sewing machine I got for Christmas...well, I got it out of the box!  That's about as far as I got with that one. 

I can't download any of my pictures so I'm kinda stuck blog stalking.  Cross your fingers that my computer guy brings my computer back soon...and that it doesn't cost an absolute fortune.

Till then....I'll just stalk & talk.

See you soon! 


{Texture Tuesday} Happy Heart eDition

Every third weekend in October our town has what’s called The Maple Leaf Festival.  It’s a fun little festival with a parade, crafts, yummy food, and a carnival.  It’s just good ‘ol fashioned small town fun!  This picture was taken last year at The Pink Lady, a little shop here in town, the weekend of the festival.

Texture: Happy Heart by Kim Klassen

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Cheerleaders ROCK

These girls amaze me!
They work so very hard.



Competition didn't go so well this week.

But they're still smiling...

and having fun!

THAT's what it's all about!

I absolutely Love your spirit, positive attitude and teamwork.

You girls motivate me!
This is one proud Proud mom!
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