New Addition

Meet Mitsy ...the cute little punkin who's come to be a part of our family.

She''s 9 weeks old and I don't even think she weighs 2 pounds. 

She has so Sooo much energy.  She reminds me of Twitchy from Hoodwinked.

She even has too much energy for Maisy.

She needed a home, so we're happy to take her in.  Carody has taken the responsibility of caring for her.  At first I thought it would end up being too much, but Carody has been doing an awesome job.  The first night was a long one, then it got better and better.
She finds comfort in my laundry pile  ...it's funny the places we find her.

Yes.  I buy my dogs toys to play with ...but for some reason they like to play with plastic bottles.  They like to remove the cap and then they're done.

She's a strong willed little thing.  Slowly but surely she's learning how we do things around here.  

Mitsy is a welcome addition to our family and I think we all have lots to look forward to.

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  1. oh my, she is so stinkin cute! What an awesome addition!


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