His World

The other day I went into Caden's room to put his shoes in his closet.  While in there something caught my eye.  The creative way in which my son has each and every shelf.  Every toy, book and video has it's place.  Note: He did not get this from me.

The wrestlers were all hangin' out in the green room  ...kinda like they were at a party.  Wrestlers Only!

Peter Parker was hangin on the edge.  He didn't want to hang out with those guys any way.

Looks like this scarry dude tried to get in the party and the guys hung him.

The midget wrestlers are having their own tough man contest.

Woody stayed home, he's tired.

...and the puppies are huddled together cus they're sceered.

awww  ...to be a kid again.

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  1. That's cute. His future wife will be lucky to have such a neat and tiday guy!


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