War of the Wooden Soldier

Many years ago my mother-in-law gave me this wooden soldier for Christmas.  He's cute, and tall, and kinda creepy.  He freaks out my family when he shows up for the holidays.

And so it begins.

The war of the wooden soldier.

All weekend long my kids played this game with one another.  The "let's freak him out!" game. 

First Carody put him in Caden's room.

Then Caden put him in Carody's room.

Caden has a "what's behind the shower curtain phobia", so Carody put the soldier in the shower.

Caden put him in the hall closet.

Then I put him in Carody's bed.

She put him in Caden's closet.

He finally ended up in my shower, wearing all my stuff!

Fuzzy slippers and all!

Wooden Soldier has since disappeared.
I'm pretty much thinking Big Daddy has something up his sleeve.

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  1. That's so funny! Sounds like there's lots of good times at your house!


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