Pigging Out!

Maisy is sad.  She knows we're going out for the day.  She uses this pity face to make us feel bad for leaving.  She's just so darn cute!  I'll bring her a treat.

It's a cold and rainy morning. Me and Big Daddy are headed into the city for some Christmas shopping.  Just looking out the window makes me c-c-c-Cooold!

Anyway, we jumped in the car and headed out...without the kids.  Kinda weird without 'em.

Last night we were watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri.  He just so happened to be on a tour of Kansas City Bar-B-Que joints.  We looove BBQ!  So after we did some shopping, our tummies were screaming at us, "Go Get Some BBQ!"  Our thought process:  Kidless = BBQ!

We headed out to Paola, KS,  home of The BBQ Shack.  The original location was an actual shack, they've moved into a pretty new strip mall just off the highway.  Bummer, I wanted to see the old place.

Don't let the strip mall fool you.  From the moment I opened the car door, the smell of smoked meats filled the air.  It makes your mouth water, you trip over your own two feet, cuz you just can't get inside quick enough!

Once inside, we were served by the Pit Master himself, Rick Schoenberger.  He's a super nice guy.  He's my new Facebook friend too!

Big Daddy got the ribs.  The meat simply fell off the bones, not overcooked at all.  They were so tender, they didn't even need any sauce, but of course we had to try all three.  Wimpy, Sweet Fire, and HOT! 

I got the Wings & Strings.  They were melt-in-your-mouth good, and got even better when I put a hint of the hot bbq sauce on it.

*Whoa*!   Just take a look at this Texas size Pork Tenderloin Sandwich! 

Oh, and here's the best part.

How can you turn down a Buffalo Turd?  Cored jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese & marinated water chestnuts and wrapped in bacon.  YuuuMeee!

After feasting, we went home and put on our PJ's.  We couldn't hardly move to do anything else!  So we were pretty much worthless the rest of the evening. 

THAT my friends is a good date day with Big Daddy!

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