12 Days of Texture: Day 8, 9, & 10

Day 8:  Storm Texture & Sunshine Brush

I took this picture while waiting for my kids to get out of school one day last week.  It's been quite rainy and foggy.

Day 9:  Lola

In February my girlfriend and I travel to Clear Lake, Iowa for the infamous "Winter Dance Party." Every year it's reconstructed at the Surf Ballroom to remember Ritchie Valens, J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper), and Buddy Holly.   You can learn more about it Here.  It's a great time for people of all ages, and so far it's been sold out every year I've gone.

Day 10:  Providence

I took this shot one day last summer while attending an online photo class.  The assignment was to stop the motion of water.  The fountain is on the corner of Main Street in my small town, you can't miss it.

All textures by:  Kim Klassen Cafe



  1. Well, you've certainly stopped motion here. And what a lovely image! The DOF is absolutely beautiful and the subtle use of texture you've used gives the photo a very sweet softness-which is exactly how water feels to the touch, yes? Soft. Very pretty image, Jill. :)

  2. How on earth did I miss the bids on the wire?! Oh my!! It's a brilliant image! I love birds and especially on wires! I have tried, in vain mind you, to catch some birds on a wire, all to no avail. And your birds look perfect! GREAT shot!!! And as always, your texture is right on. Love this one so much! :)

  3. You are so welcome, Jill! I am really just loving those birds on the wire. They are perfect! :) If there were a Like button here or a way to put those birds in my Favorite pile, I would do both! :)

  4. Beautiful texture work, I really enjoyed this '12 Days of Textures' :-)
    Your photo with the birds is gorgeous, so beautiful with that 'storm' texture !
    Wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas time,

  5. I love the image of the birds and the quote, beautiful job. :)


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