12 Days of Texture: Day 4

First let me explain for the lack of a better creation.

I'm at work, sitting at my desk...all day...every day.  I took this picture with my cell phone.  It's from a fortune cookie, and it's now residing in my desk.  Every time I open my desk drawer I see it looking up at me.  It reminds me to take some time to do something for myself.  Hence, the 12 Days of Texture.

SOOP:  {Straight Out Of my Phone}

Ok.  So I'm at work.  Remember?  Therefor I only have the use of Picnik.  I am fond of Picnik, don't get me wrong.  However, I'd be lying if I said that I can't wait to go home and use my version of Photoshop.  Especially for the use of the brush Kim has so graciously offered today.

Final Edit:

Texture:  Edward
by Kim Klassen

I think it turned out ok...but I know it can be so much better.  If you have any words of wisdom or advice...please do remark.  I am using this as a creative outlet, and a learning experience as well.

UPDATE:  Here's another one...yeah, it's that kinda day.  =)


  1. Don't you just love those kinds of days?! :)

    Beautiful photograph! And perfect processing! I love the Santa's playing instruments, and your composition is brilliant. This is a perfect photograph in every way. Well done! :)

  2. Wise words, Jill, and joining Kim's 12 Days of Textures is something special :-)
    This turned out great, love the second photo
    with the soft colors and a subtle touch of the texture !
    Wish you a nice weekend,

  3. Love that photo of the Santas!! Re: the fortune cookie...I JUST found out that playing with photo filters on my editing program (PSE9 for me) really can eliminate alot of yellow in my photos)....but honestly, I like your photo just as it is. The texture works wonderfully with it too!



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