Teaxture Tuesday

...on Wednesday!

Oh well, better late than never right!?!

Hay bales.  We pass by them every day.  It's part of our daily scenery.  They seem to have an invisible magnetic attraction.  Adults like the color, texture, and the meaning.  Kids like the rolled up fun of it!  You can climb on it, hide behind it, or even decorate it!  I just like 'em.  You see?  Invisible magnetic attraction,  Told ya!

As you know, Monday was Halloween.  My kids talk about the movie Monster House all the time.  I think I traumatised them when I took them to see it a couple years back.  It didn't go over well at all.  They point out old houses all the time thinking they're haunted.  We live in an old, did I mention ooold, small town ...and needless to say...half the town must be haunted according to my kids. 

For both pictures I've used the texture Back In by Kim Klassen.  {Thank you Kim, I really enjoyed my play time!}

There's still time to join in Texture Tuesday!  Stop by and check out the great texture submissions...you'll be glad you did!



  1. What a fun blog! Love your pictures. New follower from the hop, would love a follow back.


  2. Hi, I'm a new follower from the Friday Hop. Your daughter is lovely and pretty tough too (broken ankle!).



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