She Took One For The Team

It's here!  It's here!  It's Jamfest weekend!

Jamfest is a national cheer competition. Teams come from all over to compete at this event.  This is Carody's first time participating and she's been Uber excited.  She's been working extra hard on her tumbling, lifts, and dance.  I don't know who's more excited for this day, her or me.  Well, one day she's super excited and the next day she's overcome with anxiety.  I guess it's all part of the competitive game.

The wait is over.  It's the day of competition and time to get ready.

This is my sweet, fresh faced Carody before:

Cheer competition make up is very sparkly.

In fact, it's All Glitter!

This is Cheer Carody ...After:

The girls start to arrive at the Expo Center, glitter and all.
Nervous yet excited.

It's wild and crazy, but in a good way. 
Sparkly, bow headed girls are bouncing around everywhere!

I haven't got this cheer photography down yet. 
The lighting is bad and the girls move super fast,
so my pictures aren't good at all. 
I've got to work on that.

I knew when the girls entered the stage, the look on
Carody's face told me something wasn't right.  
And it only got worse as they continued through the routine.

What I didn't know until the girls were done,
was that while in the practice room,
Carody took a fall and broke her ankle! 

Unaware of the actual damage caused by the fall,
she went out and did the entire routine.

Stunts & All!

Later, she asked me, "Mom, did I smile?"
I told her, "Well, you were more like biting your teeth together. 
But it looked good honey."

We didn't know it was broken until we took her to the hospital.

Carody is one heck of a team player.  She went through with it.  She completed the entire routine for herself and for her squad, never once complaining.  And she did it with a smile. 
Now THAT's dedication.

If I had known about the injury before hand, I don't know that I would have let her go through with it.  
I do know this:  I could not be more proud of my daughter.  She took one, a HUGE one, for the team.

"Carody, I am so very proud of you honey.  I love you!  I Love you!  I Love you!"   

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