Young Love

Look'it what Carody got!

awww...isn't that sweet!?  Carody's boyfriend gave her flowers for their 6 month anniversary.  She's so happy!  I like it that she has someone in her life who treats her well.  I like this boy.


{{Pause some more...}}

{{Heavy Sigh}}

Ok, so let's talk about this shall we?  Cuz it's weighing heavy on my mind.

How do I really feel about this boyfriend stuff?   


Boyfriends come and boyfriends go.  That's what they're supposed to do at 14.

Carody is young. She is easily confused about things, like whether she really wants to go to the pool with her friends or stay home to polish her nails, much less whether she is ready to commit to one person.  Yet, she and her boyfriend spend a lot of time together. After school, they hang out at our house, and every spare moment is spent texting or facebooking one another. She finds this completely romantic. I find it cute, but a little over consuming.

I remember what it was like to be young, and in love. I do. This boy is a great kid. He really is. He’s polite, good to her, and doesn’t mind spending time with us, her parents. I like that. But I also have a lifetime of wisdom, and a roster of mistakes I've made and learned from, that tell me 14 is too young to have this kind of an attachment to a boy.

She has her whole life ahead of her. She is smart, outgoing, and friendly …and she has a laugh that can turn my day from crappy to amazing in a quick second. I want the very best for her, and it worries me to think she may be looking for something outside of herself that is better found within.

Am I over thinking this?  Am I just being a worry wart?  If given a little time, will it just take care of itself?
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