I try.  I really do.  I try and try to get at least some good pictures of my kids.  It's not always easy.

Yes.  I will admit, I've paid them each $5.00 just for a good smile, to sit still, or just leave one another alone for a few minutes. 

Yes.  I've bribed them with M&M's, pizza, and even the occasional sleep over.   

Hey, you gotta do what'chya gotta do, right!?!

Eventually it all works out.

After going through picture after picture, hitting delete, delete, delete...  there it is! 

You run into something that absolutely makes you smile from the inside out.


They wear me out!

But most of all they make me smile & laugh.  There's nothing on this planet better than the sound of your kids laughing and having fun.

It's simply The Best!


  1. Anonymous25/10/11

    Ha ha. I love these. That last one is really cute.

  2. Carody Franklin (:25/10/11

    I'm in LOVE with these.. It's so hard trying to get Caden to smile. But when he does, its a cute picture (:

  3. The last one is beautiful. But the first is my favorite and ten years down the road, I bet it's the one you look at over and over again :-).


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