{Flashback Friday} 80's Hair

The other day my daughter was playing with her hair, as all teenage girls do. In today's world though, they snap a quick pic and post it for all to see. Then everyone, and I do mean everyone, will comment in their teen talk. Yeah, that's a post for another day. Annnyway...this hairdo (I'm sure they don't call it a hairdo any more) made me think, hmmmm...

I remember back in the mid 80's when I used to bend at the waist, flip my permed, err uhh fried head of hair over so it would hang to the ground. Then gathering it at the top of my head, I would fasten it all together with a bow clip letting it all fall forward. Hence: The Bow Head:

My daughter looked at the pictures for a minute quietly, then she says to me, "You went out in public like that?  You're so weird."

"Yeah, but I had fun!"

Honestly, it IS funny to look back at now.  Seriously.  WHAT were we thinking?


  1. I loved the 80's so many funny fashions, happy pants, and hyper colour, I wasn't old enough to have a perm but I did have a mullet ;)

  2. I am from Jersey, and even in the 80s I could not get the required big hair. I would get a perm, and would just have fried straight hair. You definitely could pull off the look!

  3. This really makes me want to dig out my 80's pics... well, maybe not!! Your pics are great though!


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