The Buzz

While Carody was at cheer camp, Professor Alan Grant invited Caden to check up on his bees with him.  Caden's been a bee lover ever since we took him to see The Bee Movie

The Bee Box

...a little nervous.

The smoke calms the bees.

It was a very interesting experience. Thanks Alan! I think we may have to bring Sissy next time!


What's that smell?

Just the other day I was picking things up and putting them away.  When I walked into my sons room I was just about knocked over by a horrible odor.  "What IS that smell?'  "humph?  I don't know."  I searched and searched, I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary.  Just when I was about to give in and chalk it up to smelly tween boy...I tripped over these

Oh!  They look all innocent, but they smell to high heaven!

Later that day, Carody and I had gone in town to get her some shoes at, yes, Payless.  While I was at the counter I noticed this package.  Hey!  That's just what we need!  So I got 'em.

Simply take them out of the package.

Turn the dial releasing the freshener.  You may turn the dial a little or a lot, depending on your needs. 

Drop into the shoe, there's one for each.

"Aaaah!"  Smells Good in here!  They actually work!  I'm pleasantly surprised at my low cost find.  No, I'm not advertising.  I am just really surprised that something that costs little of nothing actually works.  That doesn't happen often enough.  Mama's happy.


Smile Pretty!

Today's the day she's been waiting for...they're comin' off.  Well, cross your fingers anyway.  She hasn't been wearing her bands like she's supposed to.  He could say we have to wait.  We'll see...

Yay!  Today IS the day!  Oh, how pretty!!!

We celebrated at the Orange Leaf.  It's soft...but it's Yummy!

She got tired of my picture taking.

...and this is what she did the entire time we were celebrating!

It was worth it to see her pretty smile!

Note:  These pictures were all taken with my Droid X.  I think they turned out pretty darn good!
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