Crafty & Colorful

By now you know I'm not a crafty gal.  I'd like to be, but lets face it, I'm not.  It's not that I can't do this stuff.  I think it's the fact that once I get started on a project I want to be done with it already. 

I've come across a great blog where I've gotten some super cute ideas for crafting.  Wonderfully cute things that I can use, add color to my life and I can actually finish what I started.  Today I made a mouse pad cover.  Quick.  Simple.  Super Cute!

First take an old mouse pad...this one has seen better days:

Cut a piece of colorful material you'd like to see each and every time you sit down to the computer:

Glue around the edges of the mouse pad:

Fold over the edges and secure with clips until dry:

Hey oooh!   You're done!  Give yourself a pat on the back and go show the family what a crafty gal you are.


I was feelin' so good about my finished project that I made this 2-2-Cute pin cushion. 

Carody gave me this flower pot for mother's day in 2004.  Over the years it's held a flower, toothpicks and a candle.  Now look at it!  I Love it!

Now I'm off to make a camera strap cover for my camera...color, color, color!  Yay COLOR!

You can find these crafts at here.  Go on over and see Ashley for yourself.  You'll be gald you did!  Then let us both know what you've made!

Update:  And here's my new camera strap cover...I like it a Lot!

You can make one too!  Just visit Ashley here.  She will give you step by step directions.  And maybe even some ideas for even More crafts.
Happy Crafting!
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