It's getting warmer and warmer... time to get out those shorts and put away the comfy clothes.

Saturday, Caden and I went on a hunt for some shorts. This kid has grown so much over the winter; I couldn’t even answer the girl when she asked me what size. Weird, right? We found some we could both agree on, which Never happens. *Yay!*

Mission complete – Time to eat!

We headed on over to a new place in town called Smashburger. Conveniently located just two doors down from Orange Leaf frozen yogurt. I’ve heard it mentioned many times, we should see what the buzz is all about. This was getting better by the minute!

We, meaning our family, are burger joint connoisseurs. We love old burger joints, off the wall burger joints, burger joints that only the lucky ones know about, you know what I’m getting at here. Smashburger is what they call “fast casual” dining. It’s a step {or two or three} above Mickey D’s yet not fancy pants either. It’s juuust right.

Picture care of Google Images
This corn fed Kansas Girl likes the fact that they use 100% Grass Fed Beef to make these tasty burgers. They roll the meat mixture into balls and then smash ‘em on a hot grill. This process makes the burger kinda crispy on the outside and mouthwatering juicy on the inside…thus the Smashburger.
Pictire care of Google Images
Oh! And you Gotta try the Smashfries too.  Seriously.  They’re made with garlic and rosemary, and you bet, we ate every last one!

I think he's a happy boy!  In fact, he may need some larger shorts after this.
And yes, we did go to the Orange Leaf.  We liked it so much that we went back the next day with Sis.

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