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Ok so if you happen to follow or stop by my blog you my have picked up on the fact that I live in a small town.  I love the fact that we're just far enough outside the city that we can venture into town and shop, see a show or have a fancy dinner.  On the flip side I love the fact that I don't even drive a mile to work, I have an entire community watching over my children and it's quiet.  It's a simple little town with big values.  Family is tradition here, just talk to some of the folks who've grown up here.  They can pretty much tell you everything.  Sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes, well...not so much, if ya know what I mean.

I don't consider myself to be a history buff in the least.  I do however have a love of old things.  I love old pictures, buildings, furniture...the list goes on and on.  I imagine in my mind what went on inside those old buildings and in those times.  What was it really like?  What were their stories?  What don't we really know?

Baldwin City, Kansas is just 15 miles south of Lawrence and about 45 minutes outside of the populated Kansas City area.  Baldwin City originally began as a trail stop on the Santa Fe Trail.  It's now the home of 1,077 households and 774 families.  Baker University and Midland Railway call this their home. A few years back, even Thomas the Tank Engine started making an annual visit.

Every year since 1957, Baldwin City has hosted the Maple Leaf Festival during the third full weekend in October. It began as a way to celebrate a successful harvest and to view the fall foliage. Today, it is the largest fall family event in the area and features a parade, arts and crafts, quilt show, theatrical performances, history tours, train rides and live music. Annually it draws crowds of 30,000 or more .

I started out a city girl myself, gone country now small town.  That's why I call myself a mix of Ginger & Mary Anne.  Remember those gals?  This is where I feel most comfortable, but I can get just as fancy as anyone will let me.  Any time, any where! 

Anyway, lets take a walk, shall we...

Baldwin City back then:  
Baldwin City, 1911

The Globe Drug Store owned by Dr. W.F. Osborn 1889 - early 1900's
Picture:  Not Dated

This belongs to Heather Kuhn Roelker.  She received it in a packet of old photos.  On it was written "Baldwin City, KS."  She believes it to be from the 1900's.

Business Block, 1913

Baldwin City today:

I don't know if this counts as a flashback friday...
it's a flashback to me anyway.

Wanna play?
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Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I love old photos! it looks like you live in a really nice town :)


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