Head Works

Last weekend the kids and I went out to shoot some pictures and we ended up behind the art department on the university.  I drive by it every day and don't really pay much attention to it.  I love art people.  I love the way they can create something out of basically nothing.  Sometimes though, I have to admit I just don't quite understand them.  Here's what we found out back:


Yes heads.

Lining the sidewalk.


Yep somehow interesting.

Take a look...

Catchin' some rays.



They're talking about a cute boy.

Better get a bucket!

The back of heads.

Hey look!  It's Chet from Weird Science!

Cool!   Medusa!

"Mom, can we go now?  This is creeping me out."

As we backed out of our parking spot this guy was looking at me.

Pirate on a stick.
Yeah, it kinda creeped me out a little too.  But in a good way I guess.

Have you done anything out of the ordinary lately?

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