Flashback Friday

I received an email from the BJHS Yearbook class; they will be making a special presentation to be shown at the 8th grade promotion ceremony.  They've asked for two pictures:  preferably one younger and one current picture.  So over the weekend, I got out the baby books, and the boxes...oh, and the Kleenex.  
Easter 2000, Carody was 3

I'm not sending this one to the school, I just put it on here cuz I like it.
It makes me smile.
3 years old

Carody wanted a new picture, one that nobody had seen before.  So last weekend we went out and took lots and lots of pictures.  Here's what she gave me permission to use...remember, she's 13 and she has to have the final say...or so she thinks.

April 2, 2011


...I like.

Friday Photo Flashback


  1. Oh my goodness... you made me cry. From 3 to 13 is a lot for this mama of a 14 month old. The pictures are too cute though - and your daughter is so pretty.

  2. AH! The bubbles.

    So freakin' cute.

    Its inspiring me to fill the tub with bubbles and make my kids smile for me.

  3. You just reminded me that I have to do the exact same thing!!! Our daughters are the same age!!! Your daughter turned out to be a beautiful young lady!!

  4. sweet and gorgeous!


It's always nice to hear from you!

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