Flashback Friday

Little did I know when I had kids, that Disney would be such a big part of my life.  You see when I was kid, my favorite day of the week was Sunday.  My brothers and myself would eat our dinner as fast as mom would allow... after I inhaled my food, we would all rush to the living room and watch The Wonderful World of Disney on regular old fashioned TV.  Oh how I loved it!  As soon as I saw Tinkerbell flying her tiny self around Cinderella's Castle,  I could only imagine what magical adventure was about to take place...cartoons, movies and wild animals.  It was Amaaaazing!

Eventually...time passed.

I had children of my own.

...and then they all came back.  All the movies I loved as a child and many, Many, MANY more.  We got ourselves a bookshelf and stocked it full of Cinderella, Bambi, The Apple Dunpling Gang...the list goes on and on! 


Enter The Disney Channel. 

Oh & Disney Radio.

I found myself sitting right along side my kids, watching, singing the songs, and loving all the things that made me happy when I was young.  But more enjoyable was the fact that I was thrilled by my kids indulgence.  To this day we are avid Disney fans!  Like Peter Pan, we will never grow up when it comes to our love of Walt Disney and his ingeniousness. 
Carody & Caden were Toy Story's Woody & Jesie for Halloween (2004).
 My kids grew up with Woody & Jessie from Toy Story.  We've seen all three movies so many times that we practically know it word for word.  In the 2nd movie, when Jessie has flashbacks of being left behind, forgotten...I cry Every time! 

It reminds me of just how fast my kids are growing up.  But it all works out in the end, and we maybe even learned a lesson or two.  Nothing wrong with that!    We all walk away with a smile & warm fuzzies, that's for sure.  "Besides," says Woody, putting an arm around his friend, "When it's all over, I'll have my old pal Buzz Lightyear to keep me company... To infinity, and beyond."

I am forever grateful to Mr. Walt Disney for giving my family laughter, education, the ability to use our imagination and most of all something we can share for a lifetime.  "You've Got a Friend in Me"

"I think I feel a Song comin' on!"

Flashback with us... It's fun!  You know you wanna...     


  1. I love Disney too! I can't wait to bring my daughter to Disney World someday :D

  2. I have such good memories of watching The Wonderful World of Disney with my family as well. We even had The Apple Dumpling Gang on VHS, great show! Reading your post took me back to that time, who knew then that it would mean so much to us now. :)

  3. Darla Ramirez13/1/12

    Love it Jill!


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