You've Got Mail...hahaha!

So when I went home for lunch today, guess what was in the mailbox...go on...take a guess. 
It was the first of many more to come .....2011 Swimsuit Catalog. 


I mean...Really?



Like pretty much of the American public, I had just started eating rabbit food and had thought about joining the gym.  Yeah, the salad part I've actually done.  The gym, nnnot so much.

And the swimsuits are so SO adorable!

Ok.  If that's not motivation right there ~ staring me in the face...I don't know what is!

Here's the kicker...Over the holiday break my daughter and my self made post-it notes to let women in America know they are Beautiful...just the way they are.  We put them on restroom mirrors in department stores, restaurants, the ice skating rink and the movie theatre.

Yeah, I should have left one in my own bathroom, hugh!?!

I don't think I'm fat by any means.  I just want to be able to wear the jeans I already have.  Ya know what I mean?  Oh yeah, and looking fabulous come summer time would be a plus. 

Enough about that.  Moving along...

Dear Mother Nature,
Please, oh pretty please with sugar on top, will you let it snow already?  Big Daddy needs to go to work.
Thank you very kindly,

You see, my husband owns a lawn & landscape company.  In the winter time he pushes snow.  We have no snow.  None.  Nada.  Zilch. 

While I was sweeping the kitchen the other day, he told me I was doing it wrong.  *grrrr!*

He asked for new pj's for Christmas, so that's what I got.  I didn't realize that when I got him new pajamas that I was purchasing his winter wardrobe!

Dear Big Daddy,
I honestly love you with all my heart, but Dood, you have Got to go to work!  Seriously.
Love ,

Yes, this is what I did over the break.  Because we aren't rollin' in the dough at the moment...we pretty much stayed in our pajama's and watched movies.

We got out of the house some, but for the most part this was it.  I did play Dance Revolution on the Wii...Yeah, that's some cool stuff right there!  Talk about a workout...I may not even have to join the gym!
That's all I got for today folks.

TTFN...Ta Ta Fer Now!


UPDATE:  The reason why Carody and I make these post-it notes is because we were inspired by http://www.operationbeautiful.com/  The mission is to end negative self talk.
Check it out...it's Awesome!  And fun!


  1. Oh I love that idea with the post it notes! And your hubby and his pj's made me laugh :D

  2. Awww cute sign!

    Swimsuit mags in the winter should be banned for sure.

    My best friend's honey is a landscaper and he does the same thing...snowplows in the winter. Thankfully we've had a lot, but there have been times they were on their knees.

  3. I love operation beautiful! It would make me smile if I ever saw one!! and I hope snow comes for you!

  4. Agh! Don't remind me that swimsuit season is coming up. I'm 29 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty miserable! Haha!


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