The Happiness Project

This is Fabulous Princess Maisy Lick~A~Lot...we call her Maisy.  She is the absolute light of our life.  She is loving, playful, just the cutest Ever ...AND she Loves to give Kisses.  She makes me so very Happy!  I Love her.



I recently came across {Leigh Vs. Laundry}.  She makes me smile and want to get my camera out of the pretty little bag I paid so much for!  Anyway, she has inspired me...she keeps me on the edge of my creative seat, she makes me smile and even laugh.

Every week she is the host of The Happiness Project where you simply share what makes you happy.  In return you (I) get to see what makes others happy...and that in itself usually makes me even more happy!  It's a win/win!

Ok, so you're only supposed to share "A" picture ...but I just can't help but share the other pics of Maisy.  I hope she makes you as happy as she makes me.  Enjoy!

Show & Tell...You Bet!  I'll show off my Maisy Moo anytime!  You can love her too, but she's comin' home with me folks.

Photography love...

I"ll see your smiling faces next Tuesday my friends!


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