And The Word Is...(2011)

It’s a new year. Time to start fresh. Review the past and look toward the future.
"I want to lose weight.” {I just want to fit into the jeans already in my closet}
"I will spend even MORE time with my family."
"I intend to eat healthy every day." …ok ALMOST every day.
Yeah…Blah, Blah, Blah…Babble, Babble, Babble!

New Year’s Resolutions.
Grand plans.
Statements that reflect some area in our life that we’re not so happy with.
Ever done them – made New Year’s resolutions? Yep.   
You know, like the spike in gym memberships in January of each year – followed by the decline in February!?!  Yep, been there ~ done that! More than I'd like to admit.
New Year’s resolutions, made with good intentions and big visions …usually fade quickly as our daily lives take us to where we’ve always been.

Last year, I was inspired by a much different approach to New Year’s resolutions – a concept by singer/song writer/blogger {Christine Kane}.  The idea – to come up with one word to focus on.
The idea – that this one word will connect with us at a much deeper level, and inspire us to make it become part of our daily life. That it will BE part of our true fabric. And in being part of us at a much deeper level, this word will be a guide toward the life we desire, toward doing the things that are in alignment with what this word means to us.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what words.  What really connected with me?  My thoughts kept coming back to this One Word.


photo by mastrobiggo

SPLASH – what does that mean to me?   Adventure, Action, and Fun.

Taking action and jumping in – SPLASH!

Having fun – SPLASH!

Seeing the adventure that comes in all of life's moments – SPLASH!

photo by Tambako the Jaguar

It’s about not only the big SPLASHES in life, it's really about embracing all of life's moments – big and small and everything in between – and seeing that jumping in is really a beautiful part of life. And as much as this is about embracing life in a very physical sense, for me this also means jumping in to my own internal thoughts as well. Being with those thoughts that I have bouncing around in my head and in my heart – and taking the time to SPLASH around with them, to not ignore these thoughts in the normal-ness of daily life.

In everything that this upcoming year holds, I am ready to SPLASH around with it all!

Your Turn.
What would you choose for a word to focus on?
Check out {The Happieness Project}: Choose One Word to set the tone for next year.
This year, 2011, has many great possibilities in store for each of us – may you find much meaning in all that is to come in the next twelve months!


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