You Light Up My Christmas

We took the family and headed to the Country Club Plaza to see the Christmas lights.
Our first stop was at Winstead's, everyone was HunGreee!
I luff this old hamburger joint!  It's been on the Plaza since 1940.  It was "the" hangout for teenagers in the 40's & 50's.  I'll bet that was so much fun!
You can't beat a good ol' steak burger!

After eating we walked off our diner.
The Country Club Plaza is colorful, brilliant...stunning this time of year.

The window displays are Incredible!

Ya think...maybe...for Christmas?

This all started with 16 lights that were hung over a doorway in 1930.

Now there are over 80 miles of lights.

280,000 multi colored bulbs.

Burgers.  Hot Chocolate.  Together.
Ya...it was a good time.

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