Pancake Genous

Meet Jim.  Jim likes to make pancakes for his three year old daughter.  Not just any pancakes...he really is a pancake genius!  Just look at some of his creations...they range anywhere from an octopus, monkey, American flag, wearable jewelry and pac-man!  The list goes on and on...just take a look at a few of his incredibly gifted and loving creations:

Wow!  What an awesome gift of love.  Visit Jim and his adorable daughter {Here} at Jim's Pancakes.  You'll be Amazed!


  1. How did you find this guy, he is amazing! Such talent and with pancakes weird but cool!

    Steal away! This was my mother's dress form. When she passed I said I don't care about anything else but I want that. Weird but it brings back memories so I dress it up for the holidays! I see them at antique shops but even on craigslist I've seen a few. Hope you get lucky and find one!


  2. oh my gosh his daughter is so lucky!! I love the beehive one! I'd love to have breakfast every morning! :)


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