My "thing"

At home or not, sorry folks but I just have to do it, I always check behind the shower curtain before I use the restroom.  I just have to.  It creeps me out to think someone may be hiding back there.  I don't know where this fear came from or why I must do it...but I always check first.


What's  your  "thing"?

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  1. Oh gosh, Jill THAT is nothing! ha ha I have a police officer hubby and am a former 911 Dispatcher (7 years until this past January) when I get home and my hubby isn't with me, I kid you not, I call either hubby or my mother or friend - whomever unfortunately answers!! - and have them stay on the phone with me while I conduct a top to bottom walk through of our house. It's a tri-level so I have 3 floors of checking in closets, behind shower curtains, etc etc... Call me crazy but I can't settle in until I've done it! I always tell my husband, "Look, I don't wanna become a 48 Hours Murder Mystery!" :) You'd think we lived in a very sketchy area, right? Nope. Lovely, middle-class American neighborhood in a lovely small town in our beautiful State... :)


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